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Post by Admin on Mon 19 Nov 2007, 1:52 pm

If you wish to have a permanent signature that automatically attaches itself to all your posts youve come to the right place!

A signature is the picture or text which shows up under each message that you post.

Size can be up to 500 x 200 pixels. Please try to keep the KB to a minumum to save on space here on the forum.

First you must register to become a member.
Click on 'Profile' in the Menu Bar at the top
Click on 'Signature'
You can either upload one from your computer by clicking on the 'Browse' button, find your Signature image that you have made, double click on it and the link will appear in the box
Or you can upload one of your own from an Image Server such as Photobucket (see instructions on how to upload your Signature pic to Photobucket in the 'Photos' section here )
'Preview', then 'save'
Return to 'Profile'
Click on 'Preferences' (next to 'Signature') in the menu bar
Tick 'yes' to "always attach my signature" option.

If you have any problems, post a message here and one of us will help you out!!


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