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Post by Admin on Tue 04 Dec 2007, 9:23 pm

Mscassandra Posted: 11/11/2007 14:57
i've thought a lot about it (and i've certainly read a lot about it): about the qualities of his voice, about the way he looks and the 'unique' way he moves, about the support he gets from the 'housewives' and whether or not the Navy is getting behind him. And not forgetting the bizarre Millionaire voting mix up ... he has certainly created a few 'waves' (yup, pun, my bad!).

is he marketable, and is his distinctive style and taste a help or hindrance? and will the relatively short time he has worked as a singer stack up against the years of 'professionalism' the remaining competition can boast?

so here's MY verdict: NONE OF THAT COUNTS! what does count is that, when Carl Riseley takes to the stage, even before he sings a note, there is a subtle shift in the atmosphere, and everything seems to be magnetically attached to him, to shift and revolve around him. it's called stage presence (charisma, sex appeal, whatever you want to call it). great performers have it: Robbie Williams, Tom Jones (smart move, Dicko, to make that link and to recognise how it would work for Carl) ... make your own list, you know EXACTLY what i mean.

and finally (long post, i know, i hope you're still with me!?!), here's a challenge. take time to think of your favourite Carl Riseley 'moment': focus on it ... and now i BET YOU'RE SMILING!!!

amanda-renee Posted: 11/11/2007 16:05
i to have thought about it each and everyday for the last 3 months,
basically i don't see carl as my idol i see carl as my everything.
those who have been on this forum for a while know that my life hasn't exactly been smooth sailing lately but then out of nowhere this tall brown haired brown eyed male rocks up to an australian idol audition and my frown turned automatically into a smile.
i listened to he's voice in that audition and i like marcia knew that this guy was going places. so it was a little weak vocally and the nerves were definatly there but the determination and eagerness to do this was so strongly present in that audition and from that moment i was hooked.
carl has been such a breath of fresh air to me in this world that is constantly choking me all he has to do is sit there, stand there, basically nothing at all and i'm happy, not just within myself but happy for him fufilling and living he's dream.
carl is everything i believe a great australian idol should be, he is humble, gracious, talented, and extreamly thoughful of he's friends, family, loved one's and he's fans.
it's really weird saying all this about someone i have only met for 20secs or so but the way that carl has touched me through both he's songs and online video diaries and blogs is so emotionlly deep. i feel like i have know this guy my whole life.
basically what i'm saying is that my life i felt was hard and almost over but i have been woken up, and have realised i haven't even begun to live yet, there's always gonna be heartbreak and sadness but if you can find someone or something that makes you smile on them hard and bad days then you know that there is something to be alive for, and without carl and the great friends i have met on this forum i wouldn't have been the happy carefree person i'm growing to be each and everyday.
so thankyou guys seriously you are the best

:<ambercat>: Posted: 11/11/2007 18:18
there are just so many wonderful Carl moments....hard to choose one in particular, but I first fell in love with him during his song Home - I was sunk hook line and sinker, Then the very first time he made me smile and laugh was at the end of Waltzing Matilda (all the way through it actually!!) when he gave the audience that huge bow!! I just loved it and I still love it even now after watching countless times!!! (even befor that as well, bye bye love had me smiling watching his obvious joy when he was singing!!) He's just a brilliant entertainer all round who engages with his audience on a personal level so that each one feels like he is singing just for them!!! :xPlus he is such a nice, caring, friendly...and yes... HOT.. guy.. sigh...

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