ODES from IDOL Pages 7 - 12

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ODES from IDOL Pages 7 - 12

Post by Admin on Tue 04 Dec 2007, 9:38 pm

8.10.07 ambercat
Well tonight was tough, but there's no regrets
Cos we all know Carl did his very best
He knows we love his swinging style
For me, he beat the others by a mile!
Don't worry Carl, hang in there mate
You're almost at the winners gate
Final seven is a great achievement
Enjoy your time and savour the moment
Your fans are here - support all the way
Can't wait to see you back next Sunday!!!

Love you Carl!!! Love you HEAPS!!!!

10.10.07 shalomkitty
our resident trumpet man.
how i wish your horn would make
an appearance every week.
but of course, it cannot.
like with mark holden making sense,
some things rarely happen
but fear not!
i'll still love you
and pledge my allegiance to you
by voting.

10.10.07 ambercat
Carl was born in 1983
He's doing a song by Lionel Richie
'Truly', 'My Love', 'You Are', 'All Night Long'
I wonder which one will be his song?

11.10.07 Sensor
Mark Holden has been a right prat
to criticise Carl for his scat
Carl's voice is pure honey
It's right on the money
And he'll be at the OH, how's that??

11.10.07 Sensor
So it's Benson you're doing - so sleek.
Without swing - not even a tweak;
Can't wait for next Sunday
You'll still be there Monday
and we'll swoon for another whole week!!

11.10.07 amanda-renee
when you were a little boy, you wanted a little goat,
now you are a big boy, and would rather have beer bote,
when you were a liitle boy, a bag of marbles was what you got,
now you are a big boy, and are looking totally hot.
when you were a little boy, a trumpeter was what you wanted to be,
now you are a big boy, a star preformer is what we all see,
when you where a little boy, you were a show off and broke some bones,
now you are a big boy, i just want you for my own.

trumpet yeah!! trumpet yeah!! assemblage of liquid once again on the floor due to sever melting from carl heat. your hot.xxx

11.10.07 carlishot
carl you make my heart tingle!
oh if only we were both single
if i had the chance
for just one dance.
i hav fallen in love but not with my boy
coz seeing u on tv fills my heart with joy
its sad i know
but i never want you to go
14.10.07 amanda-renee
welcome back to 1982, the year that Carl was born.
and the glft that Carl was given, a classic brass horn.
he played it to he's heart's content, each and every day.
he blew and blew with all he's might, to show us he could play.
and the tune that was on the radio, all them years ago,
was george bensons turn your love around. a song that's soft and slow.
which tonight will be re-created, into a masterpiece by our man.
he'll show us all he's talent, and prove to us all he can.
take this competition on with open arms,
and grace the stage with energy and vibrance,
and good looks and boyish charm.
all the girls will melt once more, like butter in the sun.
and watch our man sing he's way, up to number one.

all the best for tonight carl we love you.
14.10.07 kris222
Turn your love around
Is the song Carl will sing tonight,
Its a George Benson classic
But our Carl will steal the light.
I wish I could be there
Cheering you on in the crowd,
But know that I support you
For your accomplishment I am proud.

15.10.07 Altair

Turn The Vote Around
We've got the love
We've got the power
And I hope Carl understands
Girls, we'll be voting by the hour
For our love

We're tryin' to show how much we love you
Still believe you have a chance
We're not taking any chances
With our love

We remember
When you were in the bottom 3
We felt so down
All we felt is lonely

Turn the vote around
Don't let Carl down
We can show him how
We'll turn the vote around
Without our vote he can't make it
And we need our Carl to stay
Oh, don't let someone else take it
All the way

What our Carl needs
Is to make it through Monday
So we'll get on the phone
Or all we'll get is lonely

Turn the vote around
Don't let Carl down
We can show him how
We'll turn the vote around

Oh, Carl you will see
By not being in the bottom 3
That we're still in love with you
You're gonna take it
You're gonna make it
Back where you belong

Turn the vote around
Don't let Carl down
We can show him how
We'll turn the vote around
(Turn the vote around)
Turn the vote around

This time idol has a jazzman
And we won't let him down
Cause we all need our man
We can show him how

We love our Carl
We love the jazzman
Turn the vote around
(Turn the vote around)

15.10.07 Sensor
You sing with such passion and easy grace
Believe in yourself - you can win this race!!

15.10.07 amanda-renee
if i had the letters HRT i could add EA to have a HEART,
or add U and might get HURT,
but i'd rather have U and get HURT,
than have a HEART without U.

16.10.07 LeeLee15
He's Sexy
He's Cute
He's Popular to Boot
He's hip'n
Great Hair
The girls all love to stare...

He's wanted
He's HOT
He's everything you're not!

He's pretty
He's cool
He awaits the publics rule

Who is he?
Just Guess
Girls wanna touch his chest!

He's swingin
He smiles
And many think he's wild...

16.10.07 amanda-renee
your in the top six, and who would have though?
now the world's your oyster, a lesson has been taught.
to those fan's who thought the favourites were safe,
they've got nothing next to carl and he's fan base.
although the bills are on the rise, our man is on the rise to,
singing and preforming, each week with love to you.
and for the love he gives us, and the committment that he shows,
our love and committment to him, just grows and grows.
forget all the haters, we know carl is having loads of fun,
for he is the meaning of idol, and is australia's number one.

way to go carl blow em all away. Xxx


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