ODES from IDOL Pages 13 - 21

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ODES from IDOL Pages 13 - 21

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17.10.07 – LeeLee15
Pardon my garden its vicious today
The cucumbers going quite mad.
The onions and peas, just do as they please
The pumpkin is awfully bad!

The squash and the sprout are rushing about
As if they're preparing for war.
I just got a scare from the peach and the pear
The apple is vile to the core!

Pardon my garden its vicious today
There's a gherkin a-lurkin below.
The corn and the bean are having a scene

That gherkin just nibbled my toe!

The tomato and grape are apeing an ape
And heading this way with a skewer

And all because i fertilised
My garden with Tiger Manure!

18.10.07 – kris222
This Sunday night
It's your time to fly,
You will sing John Lennon
Jealous Guy.

Your heart is always in it
As you perform on that stage,
Your voice amazingly beautiful
An impact on our lives you have made.

Keep climbing to the top
We will help you reach your dream,
Present yourself to Australia
A talent that will never go unseen.

Love you, Carl xox

18.10.07 – amanda-renee
i think the judges have given you a task,
a john lennon classic at that,
but i feel you could pull off jealous guy,
with one of the tricks from you hat.
and stick it to mark holden,
no one trick pony here,
the fans are right behind you,
so youknow you have nothing to fear.
just give your performance,
a touch of that Carl Riseley gold,
and make the song a Carl Riseley classic,
rather than the version of old.
and maybe to win Mark over,
you should give out carnations during your song,
and prove once and for all to that idiot,
that nothing you do is wrong.

love you more and more each day Carl. Xxx

18.10.07 – amanda-renee
it's not unusual for us to be in love with you,
it's not unusual for us to wanna be with you,
it's not unusual for us to be here waiting for you,
it's not unusual to love carl.

it's not unusual for us to sit here with a smile,
it's not unusual for us to pick up the phone and dial,
it's not unusual for this to seem all worth while,
it' not unusual to love Carl.

it's not unusual for us to bounce off the walls,
it's not unusual for us to be in puddles on the floors,
it's not unusual to never see your flaws,
it's not unusual to love carl.

so if it's not unusual for all these things to happen,
i suppose i'm quite normal after all,
because the thing that's most not unusual
is your the guy that i truely adore.


19.10.07 – LeeLee15

'The Front Of Me'
The front of me, Is what you can see
The back of me, Is where my front used to be
The side of me, Is here and here
That is not including of course, My rear.
The top of me, Is a head with hair
The bottom of me, Is way, way, way down there.
Inside my head there sits a brain
Which works i'm afraid, only now and again!

19.10.07 – amanda-renee
if you want to veiw paradise,
simply turn to idol and you will,
anything you want to do is,
want to save carl,
there's nothing to it.

there is no life i know,
to compare with pure imagination,
living there carl will be free,
from idol elimination.

and there is no life i know,
than veiwer participation,
by voting carl he will be free,
to become the idol,
we want him to be.

20.20.07 – kris222
It's lovely seeing you with the kids
You lift their spirits high,
To see the look on their little faces
When your love comes soaring by...

Another precious performance
Brings you one step closer to the top,
Pure Imagination was perfection
I didn't want your performance to stop.
Such as fantastic night to be missed
Was disappointed I couldn't watch you live,
But you offered much, much more
It's a great feeling to see you strive.

You never disappoint me
You lift me up to heaven,
Australia, Vote Carl Number one
To be our Idol for 2007

20.10.07 – Altair
Carl's performance of Pure Imagination
Oh! the memories of that room of temptation
A room where you can sup
From an edible buttercup!
That was gorgeous, Carl ... you are a sensation!

20.20.07 – rockitrocket90
trumpet yeah, what is it?
not a sound, not a song but a simple expression.
exclaim: "trumpet yeah!"
shout it from the rooftops, whisper it in someones ear.
two simple words fused together to make one saying
trumpet yeah... trumpet yeah.

12.10.07 – ambercat
25 push-ups Carl's striving for
He hasn't made it yet
Wish I could lie there on the floor
And just dreamily watch him sweat!

And this one for Shannon...

Shannon was the lucky girl
Who gave Carl his very first kiss
I wonder if she's watching Idol
And regretting what she's missed!!

21.10.07 – norahs1
carl is hot
boring, he's not
there's no pony in sight
MH, back on ya bike

21.10.07 – norahs1
Pure Imagination just added to my fascination
Carl's so unique, yet by know way a freak
I love what he does, week after week
He'll go all the way, we want him to stay
carl 4 idol in 2007

21.10.07 – Sensor
It's Idol 07 and we are in heaven
Started with boats and sweet little goats
Progressed to swing and made our hearts sing.
We drool with devotion for this man of the ocean.
We're hooked on his trumpet, he's a fine piece of crumpet (okay it rhymed!!! - what can you do??)
He sang gentle and sweet, gave us far too much heat!
And now we're all puddled, wish we could be cuddled
by Carl, with his horn, on the ocean, till dawn!!

With Altair we're flying on QF Carl, skying
right over that water, to where our boy oughta
be winning this honour, cause he's feaking gunna!!

You're a star Mr. Riseley - and that will do nicely!!

21.10.07 – melindakw
Here's my salute to Carl

A man on the stage no fear in his eyes
The audience spellbound by his musical surprise
A journey in time to remember when young
The movie we loved..the joy and the fun
The gentle swing of the band in the corner
You move to the steps ... the kid hands a horn to ya

There was almost a noise maybe a clank on the floor
It was a sight to behold Holden's broken off jaw
Marcia was smiling she knew Carl had won
Dicko was smirking while Kyle had fun

"Holden you wanker we said he was good"
Holden just shrugged ..he knew where he stood.
Carl had performed way more than one trick
This showed up Holden to be as thick as a brick.

So when you watch the show tonight
Cheer on Carl with all your might
Holden will sit there with his face a frown
Knowing full well Carl deserves a touchdown !!!!!!

21.10.07 – rockitrocket90
bopetty-boop. scat scat scat
crooner carl wearing his cool cat hat.
shocked us all with that cute sexyface
in the semi-finals- just the beginning of the race... to the end
to win the crown and to be titled the best
mr. carl riseley, better than the rest.

21.10.07 – amanda-renee
in the forums there is great cheer,
as we finally heard the words we wanted to hear,
touchdown carl touchdown all the way,
what better words could mark holden say.

although marks throwing them left and right,
it was great to here him finally say it tonight,
touchdown carl touchdown all the way,
what better words could mark holden say.

everyone's all a buzz and exstatic tonight,
because of mark finally getting it right,
touchdown carl touchdown all the way,
what better words could mark holden say.

and tomorrow night we are sure you'll be ok,
and one step closer to the opera house hooray,
because of those words mark had to say.
touchdown carl touchdown all the way.

21.10.07 – rockitrocket90
it's what we wanted to hear.
screams and cheers errupted from the anticipating crowd.
sitting at home is what most of us were doing
flinging our panties at the tv screen.

he did it.
he finally did it.
note this date 21 october 2007
carl riseley... touchdown...touchdown.

trumpet yeah... TRUMPET YEAH... TRUMPET YEAH!!!

22.10.07 – Altair

I was listening to it on the radio
thinking Oh no! what's gone wrong?!
Then I started to giggle ....
It's just our Carl, changing-up the song!

Then to watch it later on
And see the crowd rise to their feet!
And a touchdown from Mark!
To all his fans that was such a treat!

23.10.07 – amanda-renee

i'm glad your safe for another week,
i'm smileing now from cheek to cheek,
2 more songs we get to hear,
bring it on carl you have nothing to fear.

we love you sexy keep up the great work.

23.10.07 – kris222

Touchdown touchdown
Its about bloody time
You finally cracked Holden
You’ve been pushed up the line!

It’s not unusual was sensational,
Jealous guy was smashing
It’s great to see you step up
And give the other Idols a thrashing!

You made it to the top 5
Did you ever think you would?
You’re right up there with them
I always knew you could!

Keep up the good work
Keep the crowd screaming
Keep us on our toes
Keep us all dreaming

23.10.07 – melindakw

Well the clouds they opened up
As he tried to deny your crown
He knew the jig was up
And finally we got our Touchdown

We all screamed at the TV
We chanted back and forth
We yelled obscene messages
At last he was bloody caught

Captured in Pure Imagination
He finally joined the nation
The undies didn't fly
But we loved the jealous guy

Holden finally paid his dues
Carl no longer has the blues
And now the final five
Must thrill to stay alive.

We LOVE you!!!!

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