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ODES from IDOL Pages 21 -

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11.11.07 jackstar9
We all support the talented Mr R!
A navy boy once and now a superstar!
Whether smiling, or singing or blowing the horn,
We are simply your fans from dusk until dawn,

Now the moment of truth has come to us all,
The performance tonight will be nothing small,
We as your fans will pray and hope,
Our votes get you there or we will mope

If you should be so unfortunate to go,
It does not matter we remain gung ho,
We will wait for the album and then concert tour,
which will fill a stadium from ceiling to floor,
and our best wishes to you all the more.

11.11.07 LaceyFace
Your songs stay with us in the morning
And run through our heads when we sleep,
We were meant to save our money,
Now we've gotten in too deep,
For every piece of us that wants you
Another piece wants you more.

'Cause Carl gives us something
That makes us vote all night
This could be for nothing
But we're willing to give it a try,
Please sing us something
So someday you can be at the Opera House.

We've already been up for hours
Just to send a few more texts for Carl,
And we can say we've never bought you flowers
That doesn't mean we're not a fan,
We never thought that we'd love someone,
That had the Idol dream.

'Cause Carl gives us something
That makes us vote all night,
This could be for nothing
But we're willing to give it a try,
Please sing us something,
So someday you can be at the Opera House,
We won't vote a second too late,
And the votes we could never send
Gonna come out anyway.

'Cause Carl gives us something
That makes us vote all night
This could be for nothing
But we're willing to give it a try,
Please sing me something,
'Cause Carl gives us something
That makes us vote all night
This could be for nothing
But we're willing to give it a try,
Please sing us something
So someday you can be at the Opera House.
We love Carl. We love Carl. We love Carl.

11.11.07 kris222
Carl?s Idol Journey?In My Eyes

You caught my attention
With your first performance Home,
Your amazingly sweet, soft voice
A true ability was shown.
From this moment on
You captured my heart,
I couldn?t look away
This was only the start.

Wild Card performance up next
Bye Bye Love was sang,
Such a creative rendition
For hours in my ears it rang.
You proved you were good enough
The Final 12 you would be,
The beginning of your journey
So remarkable to me.

Now blowing us all away
With an Aussie folk song,
Waltzing Matilda!
You just couldn?t go wrong.
Looking the part
In a suit and a hat
You lit up the stage
Then brought on the scat!

Onto Rock Night
Maybe not your style,
A recreation of Clocks
But I still gave that smile.
Negative comments from the judges
What would they know?
You showed us your version
And you continue to grow.

I looked forward to Disco Night
A great performance of September,
A classic disco hit
Definitely a night to remember.
Positives all round
You got the votes once more,
Who can deny that talent?
I cannot, that?s for sure!

Now it?s your night to shine
And show Australia what you can do
It?s Alright With Me on Acoustic Night
And you brought the trumpet too.
Such an unbelievable eye opener
A compelling performance you had in store,
With a marvelous trumpet solo!
You had me wanting more.

Another swing number
On Brit Pop Night
Buble?s version of Can?t Buy Me Love
Your light still shining bright.
Mixed reviews from the judges
Brought you to the bottom two
I voted like mad that week
And baby, you got through!

My favourite performance
On Year You Were Born,
Turn You Love Around was infectious
I voted once again, as sworn.
Nice to see you get your groove thing on
You had me on my feet,
A classic you brought back to life
And boy, you looked so sweet.

Pure Imagination
Sang with such emotion,
A childhood favourite
You portray so much devotion.
Presenting a beautiful atmosphere
And the way you play your horn,
You hold more than what it takes
A star is already born.

Safe another week
In time for the Judges pick,
It?s Not Unusual was dazzling!
And you added another trick.
For that you got a touchdown
The crowd just came alive
Thank goodness Mark Holden
You finally saw how much Carl strives!

Jealous Guy
One word?surreal
Always such great song choices
You make every one appeal.
That beautiful, smooth voice
You never seem to fall,
Always challenging yourself
Another vote, another call.

Who would have guessed
You were feeling so poorly,
On Aussie Hits night
I knew you would ace it, surely!
And you did just that
Reminiscing was first-rate,
Good on you for giving it your all
We got you through the verdict again, mate!

Onto another tough week
It just so happened to be your wish
You made it to Big Band Night,
Ohhh what a dish!!
Me and Mrs Jones
Sang with such charm
You had all the girls swooning
Your voice so soft and calm.

Then coming out again with a bang
Just Kiss Me ? Extraordinary!
Left me feeling so proud,
It certainly wasn?t ordinary.
This deserved a touchdown
It had failed to be given,
But you gave me something better
Carl, for this competition you are driven.

Idol let?s the audience choose
We picked a winner for you,
You Give Me Something
It was worthy of a touchdown or two.
I describe it only as sheer brilliance
Geez mate, look what you have done!
You are a bloody good entertainer
And you should stand at number one!

For Once In My Life was outstanding
Such a powerful strength to your voice,
Beautiful, high tones
You made the perfect choice.
Again, mixed reviews from the judges
But you continue to stay focused and strong
This one suited you completely
And you made it your own special song.

Final three now
How does it feel?
I still can?t quite believe it
It?s just so surreal.
Be proud, be thankful,
Just keep being you
We?ll try getting you to the Opera House
My votes will be more than a few!

This is my last Ode to you Carl, until I see you out of that studio and at the Opera House. Here is your Idol journey in my eyes?I am so happy I could contribute to make your dream come true! I love you!

11.11.07 amanda-renee
you walked into the auditions,
singing you don't know me,
but as soon as you did,
i wondered if only.
it was dodgy i know,
but like marcia i agree you have chops,
and i'm glad you got through,
and continue to the top.
group performance,
of knowing me knowing you,
an abba classic you all wrecked,
but still you got through,
i'm so glad you did,
or couldn't you tell,
iv'e been voting like a devil,
so don't send me to h**l.

now continue on with kris's ode.

12.11.07 LeeLee15

Its time... to turn good into greatness.
Its the biggies, old mates, and we're in it!
Its happened! You're here and you're champions.
There's gold in the wings. You can win it.
You're sittin' out there and you're suckin in the air.
Your hearts in your mouth. I can tell it.
Mates, i'm talkin to you.Its Lee Lee! True Blue!
There's gold in the air. Can't you smell it?

You've done the hard yards, you're the cream of the crop!
You're a fighter! You're focused, you'll pump til you drop!
Tomorrow you'll churn and the water will boil,
As you rip at the air and you tear at the soil!
Now go out and blitz 'em but be in no doubt
for Carl Riseley to win, 'Let the animal out!'
They'll taunt you! They'll fight you! They'll spit in your space!
And i'll watch as our flag paints a smile on your face.

As the cameras engage you and capture your tear,
And your mates all around you erupt in a cheer.
Stand proud mate, and wear it by the rings and the flames
And cherish your moment of gold at the games!
But you're thinkin of home and your thoughts start to roam,
Can't really believe that you're here!
You're on hallowed ground and that magical sound
And that world trembles... Echoes that cheer!
Huh! You reckon we hated you down that long track
And... at times... I admit we were on your back!
But mate, I can tell you right here and right now...
We're as proud as a parent can be... Take a bow.

I don't wanna tell you i love you...
But i'll tell you right now i won't fail yer!
Nor will the crew of that great rugged ship
Parked out the front called AUSTRALIA!

So my golden beauties! don't put your gold on hold!
now is the moment! This is your time!
Get out there. Get at 'em and rip 'em apart!
With the blood of your country ablaze in your heart!
The title is your, mate, to have and to hold...



12.11.07 LaceyFace

It won't be unusual to see Carl at the Opera House...

It's still unusual to be on stage in front of everyone
It's still unusual to be singing to everyone
But when I see my fans sitting out in the crowd
It's not unusual to see me smile
Oh, I never want to die

It's not unusual to get a touchdown anymore
Then when you see me out you congratulate me all the time
I look to my fans if I want to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to hear me singing every day
No matter what the Judges say
I find Im singing all the time

Hopefully votes will do what my fans want it to
Im going to make the Opera House mine

It's not unusual to be loved by all my fans
It's not unusual to have fun while Im on the stage
My fans wont find that Ive changed at any time
They wont find it unusual when my single goes triple platinum
Whoa, oh, oh, oh...

14.11.07 amanda-renee
C is for he's charm and charisma
A is for the artistic flair he has.
R is for the royal navy that semi discovered he's talent.
L is for the love he gives he's family, friends, fans.

T is for the talent that he has show during he's time on idol
H is for the heart of gold that he has.
E is for everything that makes us love him.
O is for the oldies that totally dig his swing thing.
D is for dancing the justin timberlake moves and bringing sexyback.
O is for the originality of everything he does.
R is for rachel the love of carl's life.
E is for enjoying the rollercoaster he's on each day at a time.

R is for the reality of the dream he is living
I is for that intense stare in he's iyi's (eye's)
S is for the sparkling smile and pearly whites he shows
E is for the energy and vibrance he brings to the stage each week.
L is for all the ladies who heart he is melting each day.
E is for the enchantment of each performance and the place he takes us to.
Y is for yes this boy has talent and will be 07 australian idol.

go carl go woohoo well done baby.

14.11.07 Mygenie
Thanks Carl for your contribution and amazing talent on idol. You made it so exciting and fun. Your growth throughout the show has been phenomenal. You have an amazing stage presence, singing/trumpet ability and an all round great guy! I hope you get a record deal and pursue your musical dream, I'll be supporting ya all the way.

Cheers Clara (SA)

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