Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival

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Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival

Post by ambercat on Sun 15 Jun 2008, 10:04 pm

Just in case you haven't seen these yet, here's a link to StooflnLondon's vids on youtube at the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival... With the full song of On the Street Where you Live!!!!! woohoooo!!!! Love it!!! I love you If you go to this link, you can see their other Carl vids from the day as well.... (I find that these are a bit jerky to watch but if you let the vid run thru then click on replay when its finished you can watch the whole song without it stopping and starting all the time..)


And just realised we didn't have Jodie May's awesome vids over here in our vids section!!! Hope its ok Jodes that I put them here!!! Jodie's original thread where her gorgeous pics and vids can be found here:



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