carl interview RE: the new cd

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carl interview RE: the new cd

Post by amanda-renee on Thu 17 Sep 2015, 3:40 pm

Hello Carl thanks for allowing me to do this mini interview with you for the forum.

Carl Riseley
ALRIGHT! Let's do this;-)

1) So we hear a new Cd is in the works for you, will this cd have originals, covers or a mixture of both??

Carl Riseley
1). Haha! This is the million dollar question from my perspective... It's all originals.
However, for those of you that love my covers - the band and I will be posting videos of covers from time to time anyway, just for fun.
wink emoticon

2) For the fans who are familiar with your work will pebbles and stones and ugly be making an appearance on the album or possibly cult favourite minnie the mermaid??

Carl Riseley
Minnie!!?!? Ha! Probably not this time -
It is a 'Live' venue spectacular that one, so we'll leave that for the shows.
Ugly and Pebbles will come around next time I'm sure. The reason for this is that I have collaborated with two new musicians this time (that none of you know just yet) and we wrote all the songs together up in the Blue Mountains last May (2014) over a few Reds.
Jonathan Holowell (piano) and Morgan Campbell (guitar)

[More answers to come shortly]

3) How would you describe the sound of your upcoming cd?? swing, jazz, pop??

Carl Riseley
Heyaaaa! No haven't sorry - taking ages I know;-/

3). Well, tough one this time because it is all originals. There are certainly 2 songs that could be easily played along side the previous album however, not so much the others;-).
Some critics have mentioned influences like John Mayer/Coldplay and The Police... But we'll see.

4) Do any of your regular band members make an appearance on this album?? Ashley Lewis, Kenny Bradshaw, Westy??

Carl Riseley
Most Definitely!
Ashley Lewis plays an incredible Bone solo and Hamish Stuart and Jonathan Zwartz (who played on "The Stillest Hour) are playing drums and bass on the album. Killer section!

5) Will there be an upcoming tour for the new cd??

Carl Riseley
5). Tour... I would certainly hope so!
It would all depend on how well the album is welcomed as well I suppose. Nonetheless we will try our damn hardest!

6) What destinations or venues are you looking at to perform, mainly state capitals, sydney, or more regional areas now your a pilot for regional express?

Carl Riseley
6). Anywhere that's convenient for the fans is good enough for me.

7) Can you give us a quick run down of how you decided to chose the songs for your new cd, and how look it took in the studio to produce and edit the final products for each song??

Carl Riseley
7). Johnathan, Colin and I just a short time after we met decided that in order to achieve some really honest results from our song writing we should get out of the city.
We ended up driving out west to the beautiful Blue Mountains and staying in a log cabin for a night. We were there for 26 hours and slept for maybe 6 of those coming back down the mountain with 11 songs of which 9 will make it on the album!

Cool What have you been doing since your musical hiatus?

Carl Riseley
Cool. I have just been really working on the songwriting, which has been a really interesting experience-you certainly learn a lot about yourself!

thanks very much for your time.


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