Carl answers fans questions!

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Carl answers fans questions!

Post by ambercat on Fri 10 Oct 2008, 11:15 pm

From his official website, Carl has answered lots of questions from fans! Well, when I say fans....most of the questions are from amanda....big space...then me, carlfanatic07 and Angeo!! giggle Thanks to carlfanatic for finding these!!! I'd been keeping an eye out on the forum over there, but didnt think they'd post them where they did! Anyway, here's the link, ...but here are the questions and answers!!! banana dance

10/10/2008 - Carl answers your forum Q&As!

Thanks to all the fans for submitting questions for Carl to answer - below are his responses!

Hello My Love-lings....hehe!! Hey everyone!!!!! Wow look at these questions...well here we go!

amanda-renee: I have asked this before but unsure if I ever got an answer, the ring that you wear what's the story behind that? is it your's?, did it belong to a family member? have you been previously married or engaged? These are my thoughts of where it comes from.

I brought 3 rings exactly the same, for Ashley Lewis and Shaun Tantell about 4 years ago and we all wear them.....Always.

amanda: Was being a successful singer/entertainer everything you imagined it would be? Whatís the best thing about it? Worst thing about it?

All jobs have there ups and downs and the biggest one in this job is being away from loved ones, the best part, is pretty much everything!!!!

amanda: Is there any other dreams and life ambitions that you havenít yet fulfilled and what are they?

I still want to become better at what I do....I want to be the best singer in the world (for my style)

amanda: What was the naughtiest thing you done as a kid and what was your punishment?

Lighting matches in the house and drinking Grandads Rum...hehe!!! I got chased around the house!

amanda: Do you have any aspirations to becoming an actor like one of your idols frank Sinatra?

Mmmmmmm Maybe. I like the idea, but not yet.

amanda: Of all the gig's and corporate events you have done including idol and navy days which has had the best atmosphere and been the most fun for you to perform at?

My Tour gigs are the very best!!!!!! ALWAYS!

amanda: Do you know if you will be performing at this yearís idol grand final?

No, I don't know...but the Producer has said to me that they want to use mainly international singers. BOO!

amanda: Have you been watching idol? And is there anyone that stands out for you?


amanda: Did you know that you have inspired this yearís idol contestant Olly Corpe?

NO, I didn't know that, but he's is on the right track!!!! Hehe!

amanda: How does it make you feel to know you have inspired others?

Absolutely wonderful!!! Warm inside..

carlfanatic07: Are you planning to come to Perth soon. If so when?


carlfanatic07: Do you have any other plans for the future? ALBUM later down the track with Originals!!

Yeah they are all coming on the next album, hopefully next year.

carlfanatic07: How's the new album coming along?

Slowly, but surely!!

Ambercat: How many sit-ups and push-ups are you up to these days? Must be at least 100 by now!!! ;)

I've lost it all.........3 or 4. Hehe!

amanda-renee: Do you eat gluten free pancakes on their own or do you put some sort of flavouring or topping on them?

100% natural Maple Syrup

Angeo: How many suits do you own?

5 or 6

amanda-renee: We havenít heard from rach on the forum for ages, how is she? and is everything still sparring along for you 2?

Rach Is great, and were doing really well, She is working really hard as well at the moment, I'll let her know!

amanda: I recently found out that brian mcfadden former westlife singer was in the audience at you basement gig. has there been any other high profile celebrities at your gigs? and how does that make you feel to know that they have come specifically to hear you?

Brian hey??? Didn't know that! Cool...Matt Corby comes to my gigs.....

Jazzman: Hey, Carl. Iím a Yr 10 student at Westminster School in Adelaide . I play sax/clarinet/flute and am 1st tenor in our big band. We also have a smaller 'jazz quintet' which im in. I know that the big band's doing a lot of stuff with you but it'd be really good if we could do (if there's time!) a chart in this smaller jazz group. What do you think? p.s. PLEASE bring your trumpet along!!!

Oh I'll bring the trumpet!!!!! I heard about this Sax player, can't wait to hear you play man!!! We will have a play!

amanda-renee: Tonight you asked us if we remembered the funniest thing from the year you were on idol and I said maaaaaaat corby the goat and you said hahaha what was the funniest thing that you remember for your year of idol?

Ummmm.. don't know, maybe the time Tarisai blew up at Mark Holden!!

amanda: Did you purchase the idol DVD from your year? If not get it for prosperity itís really good I love it.

No, not yet. WILL DO!!!

amanda: When you sing in the shower do you sing to a radio? cd? or just sing in general? and if you sing to a cd do you sing to your own cd or someone elseís eg harry connick jr?

I actually just sing to myself, no backing (much more fun!)

amanda: Do you catch up with any of the past idol's much? if so who? do you know what their up to?

I catch up with matt, he is well Ė working on originals and Daniel is working on his tv show.

amanda: Do you still get to ride your motorbike much?

Yeah I ride it all round town!!! WOOHOO

amanda: When was the last time you cried and why?

Idol, I guess when Daniel Misfud left the show.

amanda: Do you still collect marbles?

Sure do!!!

amanda: What do you want for christmas?

My 2 front teeth!! HEHE!

ambercat: How many instruments can you actually play? At Bennetts Lane and Capers we saw you play the guitar and there is a pic of you somewhere online playing the double bass and I seem to remember you saying you play the piano? Would you ever consider playing another instrument on stage such as the piano to accompany your singing? (thats if you can play it that is!!) Mind you, trumpet comes first!!!!!!!

I can't play anything else very well, just for compositional purposes

ambercat: I love Aaron West on guitar!!! Is he going to be one of the members of your band on your next album? And Ashley? Love him as well!!!!

Yeah, I love those two guys, hopefully they are around with us forever

ambercat: Around about when might your next album be released and have you actually started working on it yet?

Next album shall be released hopefully very early next year!!

amanda-renee: Whatís the last thing that you bought for yourself?

A bannana smoothie!!! YUM!!

amanda: Whatís the last thing you bought for someone else?

I bought Rach some beauty products

amanda: Do you know if there will be another jazz festival at Wahroonga park next year and if so will you be headlining there again?

I don't have a clue... Gee I hope so!!

ambercat: Did you manage to meet Michael Buble when he was over here? And do you think that you might be able to get the chance to meet Stevie Wonder when he tours? (I Really hope you can!!!)

I hope I meet Stevie!!!!! Didn't meet Buble. Besides I'm his competition!!! HEHE!

amanda-renee: There's a rumour that you are singing rocking around the Christmas tree on this yearís so fresh Christmas album first of all is this true? And does that mean that along with your second album we could be in for a Christmas album surprise also? Please be yes.


amanda: We know you ride a motorbike so obviously you have a bike licence but do you also know how to drive? and do you have a drivers licence?

Yeh I have a drivers licence, manual as well. IT'S A QLD LICENCE TOO!!!

amanda: You went to Robina high school, but what primary school did you go to?

I went to Robina Primary School.

amanda: Your dad said as a kid you were a bit of a show off stunt man child how many broken bones have you had and what were they? ( I am the queen of broken bones and should glow in the dark iv'e had that many xray's hehe)

I have broken my left leg and a few of my fingers, that's about it. But I have injured myself a lot in all different places.

amanda: Have you started to miss navy life yet? or do you 100% love what you do now?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Don't really miss the navy too much.

amanda: How much spare time do you actually get to yourself now with all the gigging and flying from place to place?

Well...... a little bit, it's really on and off. I'm really busy one minute then sooo quiet the next.

amanda: Are you superstitious?

In some ways... very.

amanda: Have you ever wished on a shooting star?

Never really seen one.

amanda: You have lived a lot of places (eg gold coast, sydney, melbourne etc) where has been your favourite place to live and why?

Sydney - that's where I met Rach!!!

amanda: Do you want kids? and if so how old do you want to be before you have your first one? would you prefer a boy or girl first?

Yeh I want kids, maybe 4. And no preference what so ever!!!

amanda: What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Where there's a will, there's a way

amanda: Does Anthony ĎThe Riseí Jr have a middle name and what is it?

His middle name is actually Shaun.


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by Guest on Sat 11 Oct 2008, 6:33 am


Al I have to say is GO AMANDA hahahahahah

We shouold have had the Q&A on this forum, I recognise EVERY single username there lol


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by amanda-renee on Sat 11 Oct 2008, 9:09 am

thankyou so much carl you are absolutely gorgous for taking the time to answer all them questions and i give you major kudos for getting through all of them that is fantastic.

some answers were shocks but i have to admit most of the answers were exactly what i expected hehe.

thanks again sweetie.


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by amanda-renee on Sun 19 Oct 2008, 7:02 pm

5 Minutes with Carl Riseley09-April-2008

My most embarrassing moment was...
getting kicked out of my year-10 formal because I 'wagged' my last test thinking I was 'Mr Rebel' (yeah... right!!!).

I own a (car/bike/scooter)...
nothing! N/A.

My dream car is an...
Audi S8.

Being on Australian Idol was...
an absolutely unbelievable experience that has changed my life and I wouldn't hesitate in doing it again.

I'm in love with...
my girlfriend and music.

If Hollywood made a movie about my life, it would be called...
'The Rise'.

Who would play me?
Harry Connick Jnr (..........please!).

Me in one sentence would be...
I'm just a genuine guy with a passion for people and music.

My debut album is...
called 'The Rise' and I am oh-so proud of it as are all of the musos who played on it.

The best parts about recording it were...
the entire process for me was wonderful and eye-opening. I cannot wait to do it again, with a bit more experience under my belt.

I admire...
those who choose to risk their life in Iraq for us.

We all need more...
well, honestly love, but something other than such a cliche, I think people in general could be a little more open-minded, and not so set in their ways.

On my Christmas wish-list is...
having my family in one place at the same time once. Most of my fam' live in NZ.

One thing you probably don't know about me is...
I'm Gluten Intolerant...

I'd also like to say...
thanks to all my fans from Idol, and that I hope they enjoy this album.



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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by ambercat on Thu 23 Oct 2008, 11:29 pm

I have broken my left leg and a few of my fingers, that's about it. But I have injured myself a lot in all different places.

He's broken a few of his fingers!!!!! Shocked I just noticed this in his answers!! Thank goodness they healed up well otherwise he would have had a problem with his trumpet playing wouldnt he!!! Just looking at his perfect hands you'd never think any of those gorgeous fingers had been broken... I just can't bear thinking about it!!!! frantic pale


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by amanda-renee on Tue 28 Oct 2008, 11:20 am

28/10/2008 - Forum Q&As - Round Two!
You can ask Carl more questions on the forums until December 1st 2008. He will answer them for you, and we'll post the answers online the following week!

this was over at carl's official site


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by Angeo on Tue 28 Oct 2008, 3:25 pm

Surely you don't have any more to ask Amanda! wink3


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by carlfanatic07 on Tue 28 Oct 2008, 6:16 pm

Oh yay!! I better get thinking!!

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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by amanda-renee on Tue 16 Dec 2008, 3:25 pm

16/12/2008 - More forum Q&As answered!

amanda-renee Carl i just heard a podcast that was done on a perth radio station back in april this year and you said that you actually recorded 13 songs and then only went with 12 on the album what was the 13th track that we have sadly missed out on? Will it make the cut on the next album?
The Trick was 'That's All' - we play it at all the tours!!! you know it!

What is the Carl tip for August, September and october? haha
In a non- egotistical way, you need to learn to love yourself before you really love others. :-)

Do you have any ideas on an album title for you next cd?
No, Something real classy though.

Are you performing anywhere for new years yet? Like last year at Sydney Ö
No, no New Year's gig this year....BOO!!!!! oh well, i can relax and have the night off which will be nice!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Obviously if you do they are hidden hehe.
No, maybe one day.

Have you ever cried watching a movie? Which ones?
No, but I always get massive goosebumps when i get emotional.

Have you ever cried listening to a song? Which ones?
I'm not sure, I don't think so, just goosebumps. :-)

carlfanatic07 Do you plan to tour Australia again after the second album is released?
Oh most Definitely!!!! I cant wait.

Have you got any gigs in Perth coming up?
not as yet, but they will come, I'm sure! Make sure you signing up to the mailing list so you hear all the tour news first.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to ride My new Motorbike (it's KLX250) and hang with Rach.

amanda-renee Have you ever googled your own name?
Yes, just for fun.hehe.

Do you ever wish you had a sister?
I have wondered 1 or twice.

carlfanatic07 - Who do you think deserves to win Idol 08 this year?

- Do you usually remember most of your fans?
I definitely try too!!!!! and I know over some more time I will! :-)

- Do you plan to stay in the music industry for the rest of your life? (p.s.- You should definitely!!)
Ummm......I hope so, It's a tough business though.

amanda-renee When you were on idol if you had to pick a charity where the votes for you equalled money to that charity which charity would you have represented and why?
Westpac Rescue Helicopters - 'GO YOU BABY CHOPPERS!!!!!!'

Do you think the themes on idol this year where better or worse the last year?
Worse, but they suited the singers.....where the Hell was big-band night!!!!

I am asking this on behalf of a young fan wendy smith better know to forum goers as wendy riseley, she has been singing for years now and she has been re-inspired by you, and she would love to do a duet with you as she has been dreaming of singing with you since idol. wendy will be attending the saturday night bennetts lane gig and her favourite song of your's is does anybody really know what time it is? anyway long story short you know how you have a dance with an audience member would it be possible for you to do a duet with wendy PLEASE!!!!!! she would be ever so greatful. thankyou
Oh sorry i missed it......

Are there any foods that you used to hate eating as a child but now love? VEGI'S - I CRAVE THEM.

If your life story was made into a movie what actor would you like to play you and why?
Harry Of coarse!!!!! Do I need to say why.....

Where will you be spending christmas and new years (melbourne, sydney, gold coast NZ or other?)
Xmas - New Zealand and Sydney New Years

Is anth coming to australia for christmas and new years at all?
No Unfortunately

Is there any questions your dying to answer but no-one has asked yet? If so what are they and what are the answer's?

If you were asked to do dancing with the stars would you give it a go?
Yeah I guess.....but I'm so Bad.

Have you actually voted for anyone this year on idol?
Yeh I did, the Adamo girl. She was great

Did you put in a couple of votes for either matt or nat last year?
I can't remember, I would have, cause I'm such a nice guy!!

Did you put in a couple of votes for yourself last year?

Did you actually participate in any mcdonalds stores this year for mchappy day?
No, actually, I had a gig anyway I think.

We know your favourite tv show now is boston legal but what was your favourite tv show as a kid?

In your opinion who is the most over rated singer/performer either past or present.
Dunno....... everyone has there place.

Do you drink tea or coffee and how do you have it?
Not really, love herbal tea though.

Did you get to see stevie wonder when he toured? If yes how was it?
Yeah, twice........ Just as good as I ever thought it would be!!

Yvonne Hi Carl, I have three questions, I have just come from seeing the wonderful Christmas parade in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne . Great seeing you on the Salvation Army float by the way. Wonderful parade it was, cannot wait to watch it back on tv tonight. Now for my questions, did you enjoy the parade today?
Yeah It was a lot of fun!!!! My first parade ever!!!

Did you enjoy laying down your track on the Salvation Army cd which is available at Myer only, I am going to get my copy today, when I leave this internet cafe.
Yes, John and I had a lot fun, you can do almost anything with Christmas songs!!!

And lastly how are you enjoying living down here in Melbourne ?
I love the culture, the people are great and so is the food!!

Emma. Do u remember when u performed at Bridge to Brisbane and when u finished singing a girl went into the tent and met u and u gave her a e-toll band thing?? yer well that girl was me haha
Oh great!!!! Well it was nice to meet you.

amanda-renee Do you know which band members will be performing with you at bennetts and capers?

How did westy break he's ankle? (if you chat to him tell him us at the forum said we hope he's leg gets fixed soon) He was jumping down the stairs after the Stevie concert and tripped!!! ha! he was so excited!!!

carlfanatic07 - What's your favourite number?

- Do you have a favourite suit that you like wearing?
My Black Dinner Suit!

- What plans do you have to Christmas?
I have plans to eat lots of Prawns!!

amanda-renee 1) Do you have any family traditions?
Yeh, to open up the presents on Christmas day at the earliest possible time in the morning...hehe

2) Honestly, do you laugh when people trip for no reason?
When it's Westy I do.

3) What is your most used curse word?
Holy Moly!

4) If you wake up late, is the rest of your day ruined?
Yeah, it does feel like that sometimes.

5) Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
The right side at the moment.....but usually the closest to the door. (protection)

6) What kind of drunk are you?
A glass-and-a-half.

7) What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to overcome?
Breakups are always hard for me.

Cool Can you cook?
Sure can, oh so well.

9) What is your best dish?
BBQ Lamb Cutlets served with flame grilled Vegi's with a Caprese Salad.

10) What is something interesting your best friend would tell us about you?
Don't know, you would have to ask her.

11) If your body odour was a food scent, what would you want to smell like?
Lemon Murtle!!

12) Have you ever missed someones hand in a high five?
So many times.

13) Last brand of shoes you had on?

14) Favourite candy bar?
Mint Aero

When you found out that cheray had made the top 24 with you how did that make you feel?
I was excited for her!!! Wohooo!!

Being that you were each others ex's? Did you have any feelings of I have to beat her etc?
No Ill feelings like can you, it's music.

Was she (cheray) happy for you that you got through to the top 12 and she missed out?
Yeah, definitely, she is lovely like that.

Do you guys still talk (cheray)? or was it awkward seeing each other again?
No we still talk every so often.

Just hypothetically had cheray made the top 12 with you would there have been any tension between you to in the idol house? Or would you have actually been closer as you knew each other previously?
There has never been any tension between us, from the word go - or not go, we have always been mates.

miffta How different is your second album to your first?
Very Different, not that different though.

Ricki Lee said she's a fan of yours, would you ever do a duet with her?
Oh yeah, she is a wonderful singer, very talented!!

Who are your musical heroes?
Harry Connick JNR, Stevie!!! Donny Hathaway.
Musically speaking,

where do you hope to be in 10 years?
That's a deep question........ I hope I'm still making music!

I didn't get around to seeing you on your last tour, when is the next tour? After the next album, should be fun!!!!

ilovecarl Hey carl! i heard your Christmas song and its so awesome!!

Where is your favourite place to perform??
At the Moment it would be Bennetts Lane, It's my Home!
Thanks all! Love ya xox


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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

Post by carlfanatic07 on Tue 16 Dec 2008, 4:54 pm

Oh that's so great!! Thanks for posting Amanda. I'm glad to hear his responses!!!

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Re: Carl answers fans questions!

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