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ODES from IDOL Pages 1 - 6

Post by Admin on Tue 04 Dec 2007, 9:36 pm

12.9.07 amanda-renee

you drifted into your audition, just one look and you stole my heart,
no need for any sexy face, you already look the part,
your sparkling eyes so dreamy, your melodic tunes so cool,
and all can do it sit back, and casually wipe up the drool.
I love your patriotic nature, waltzing matilda was great to me,
I just wish all Australian's, could see your unique and let you be,
so i'll vote and vote to keep you in, and help your dreams come true,
and sit back hoping and praying, that somehow mine will to,
cause since that day you drifted in, and you stole my heart,
I've wanted absolutely nothing else, but to meet you face to face,
and keep you forever in my heart.
I love you Carl good luck for the future.

12.0.07 ambercat

Carl Riseley's in the Navy Band
Was there to lend a helping hand
To troops overseas he played his horn
And now we see a Star is born!!!

13.9.07 gemzi01

From the moment I saw you my heart melted,
You eyes you voice I just surrendered.
My knees were weak, my lips had a quiver
I knew then and there it would be for ever.
From that day I only have one wish, and that?s for you to be my one and I to be your only
good luck i will be voting and praying that you win!

much love gem xoxoxoxox

17.9.07 amanda-renee

you sang clocks on rock night, and a mixed reaction is was you got,
as some fans said it was rock and others said it was not.
well i don't care what people say as i have an opinion of my own,
and that is you look great, sang it well and made the song your own.
so i give you props for what you do, and hope your dream carries on,
as i will continue to vote for you, until the week your gone,
which won't be tonight or next week, or even the week after that,
as you are gonna win this comp, i fully believe that.

go carl go carl

23.9.07 amanda-renee

iiii was dancing in september, yyooouuu gave me a night to remember
caaaarrrll made the night a party, yyyeeaaahhh. ( to the tune of dancing in september)

love the song, love the look, love the galent risks you took.
love the trumpet, love the scat, love the comments you throw back,
to the judges who knock you every week, what could they pick on,
your so unique.
youv'e shown you can do it, youv'e proved that you can,
we love you carl, your the number one man,
so all fans out there grab your phones and text,
because carl surely doesn't deserve to go next.

24.9.07 amanda-renee

i'm so glad he's safe, yes it's true,
i voted for him, how about you?
he's doing real well, things are going fine,
and carls advancing, up the line,
to the number 1 possie, thats up for grabs,
the aussie idol trophey, he's gonna nab,
so go carl go, your on a winning streak,
and hope you progress, through to next week.

waahoo carl.

25.9.07 Altair

This year's thinking woman's crumpet
Is that guy who can play the trumpet
His style is swing
And man! can he sing
And Mark Holden can like it or lump it!

26.9.07 amanda-renee

acoustic nights a coming, and what will we have in store,
will carl play he's trumpet, and leave us all in awe,
will he get a touchdown, will he raise the bar,
will he show us something else, we havn't seen thus far.
carl is a man of talent, carisma and debonaire,
from he's cheeky grin, to sparkling smile and beautiful brown hair.
i hope he has a blinder, there on sunday night,
i think he should be the australian idol, and i know i'm right.

27.9.07 kellzziixx

carl has a talent, he rocks at swing;
he plays the trumpet and he can totally sing;
he has a style;
unlike kyle;
carl will win;
and make australia grin!!!

28.9.07 Sensor

There once was a singer named Carl
Who was mauled by THAT judge with a snarl,
He proceeded to sing
Filled the air with his swing
Now the trumpet! - woo-hoo my morale!!

29.9.07 Jaynique

The Snazzy way he wanders on,
The Swinging way he sings his songs,
The Jazziness that he portrays,
That Crooning that lights his way.

That old time sound,
He does so well,
That sinserity,
Only he could sell.

The grown up sound,
That he's brought back,
The ego trip,
That he lacks.

The air trumpet,
And his scatting grooves,
The sound that each week,

I can't wait for Sunday each week,
To watch this man preform and speak,
It's so refreshing and puts a smile on your face,
To watch Carl Risley take his rightful place.

His rightful place with the top 10,
Out of 35'000 other women and men,
I just know he can take this home,
And the Aussie Idol champ trophy own.

Go Carl you good thing!

30.9.07 amanda-renee

that's alright by me carl, that's alright by me,
i know that i'm no rachael, although i'm dying to be,
she is such a lucky girl, to have you as her man.
but that's alright with me carl, cause i'm happy being a fan.
listening to you sings a pleasure, each and every week,
i'm sure you must think by now, i'm a total freak,
or stalker on you fan space, but what more can i do,
cause unfortunatly it seems,i'm totally devoted to you.

go carl go trumpet yeah... trumpet yeah!!\

1.10.07 ambercat

Carl made it through another night
He must be doing something right!
With shiny horn and sexy suit
And songs to make me shout "You beaut!!"

3.10.07 amanda-renee

british pop night is nearly here, and in the forums there's great cheer,
as we all can't wait to hear, money can't by me love.
carl will swing the stage i bet, a great performance we won't forget,
it will surely make our seats wet, to hear money can't by me love.
and as we sit here dying to be his, and while he's on stage being a wiz,
when all we want to do is kiss, the man that our money can't buy he's love.
well lucky for me i'm poor, but i swear to vote more and more,
and help my friend carl score, so that one day he can buy he's love.
a diamond ring and a band of gold, and a little child for him to hold,
a story that will be forever told, by the man who sang can't buy me love.

love you carl all the best for sunday.
mwah much love amanda-renee.

5.10.07 amanda-renee

butterflies in my stomach, inability to eat,
blood rushing through my veins, and constant lack of sleep,
devoting myself to someone, who doesn't know my name,
doesn't know where i come from, doesn't feel the same.
it's weird the way i'm feeling, i thought iv'e been in love before,
but these emotions i am feeling, leave me falling on the floor.
your voice just replays in my mind, your eyes i'm lost in for days,
and all i ever want to know, is are you doing ok.?
it's strange to want to be with someone, who you know there's just no chance,
but when i do actually sleep, i see us embraced in a dance,
floating on a cloud of white, in the skies above,
with doves, and sparrows, and little birds, and the two of us in love.
it's such a beautiful dream, which i know will never come true,
but it just wouldn't be right if, i didn't express all this to you.

5.10.07 ambercat

Carl Riseley wishes that he was a puddle
A fact I do rather regret
Cos this girl here would like a big cuddle
And I dont wanna get my feet wet!!

7.10.07 amanda-renee

what an awsome opener, there on brit pop night,
money can't buy love, but at least i'm feeling alright,
carl swang and smiled and made it he's own,
and rocked the stage all the way,
sorry iv'e been sidetracked,
tarisai got a touchdown, no f@#$ing way,
anyway back to the subject, carl was really great,
i thought the preformance was excellent, so you go mate.
i hope you will be safe, again tomorrow night,
and all us carl fans, have to get together and fight,
to keep carl at number one, and make him win the show,
and we can buy he's cd's, and listen to he's horn blow.
trumpet yeah trumpet yeah!!!

7.10.07 ambercat

Can't buy me Love, the one by Buble
Was the song Carl chose to sing today
I loved every second, every note, every move
Just proves what we knew - Our guy can groove!!!

8.10.07 carlishot

carl you have such a wonderful voice
u came into the final 12 as the judges choice.
performing on the stage giving all you've got
OMG ur so HOT!
u own the show doing ur own thing
showing australia u can bring bak swing
u left us in awe when u played ur horn
and we all believe a new star is born!!!

8.10.07 kris222

You walked into the audition
on that beautiful day,
You were nervous
but you blew us all away.
You brought something different
and we just love what you do,
You have a special talent
some may not see it but we sure do!
You bring a breath of fresh air
on every Sunday night,
You keep doing what your doing, mate
Australia see's your talent alright!

Oh...Trumpet Yeah!

8.10.07 amanda-renee

you can hate carl if you want to, but we know he's the best.
you can hate carl if you want to, but he's better then the rest,
you can hate carl if you want to, but we don't give a damn,
cause we don't hate carl, we're he's number 1 fans.

go baby go. we love you carl.

8.10.07 amanda-renee

i was sitting on the lounge tonight, shaking shivering crying with fright,
stomach churning, heart in my throat, wondering how many messages were wrote,
to save you from the bitter end, to help the guy that i'm trying to defend.
we'd be lost without you, you style, your song, your smile,
the reason we watch, the only reason worth while,
please don't leave us carl, we will never let go,
because all of us here, truly love you so.
i'm glad your still in it, we will fight for you all the way,
because australian idol, is home and where you should stay.

love you so so much carl.
all the best for sunday.

8.10.07 kris222

I hated seeing that sad look on your face
That it made me want to hold you
In the tightness of my embrace...
You didn't deserve to be one of those three
What was Australia thinking?
Well that question beats me...
Just go home and relax
And enjoy the rest of your night
Your fans are all thinking about you
And we want to tell you it's alright...
The Carl we love
Will swing again
We hope to see you there
Until the very end...
I hope all your dreams come true!
Trumpet Yeah


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